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Retractable Trimming Knife-square

SKU: GTS116468

This is a heavy duty metal retractable knife, suitable for cutting insulation. Comes with three double sided blades.

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Product Details

Premium die-cast trimming knife.
Quality all metal construction.
Ribbed design for extra grip and comfort.

When installing insulation, to get around light fittings and into corners you will need to trim your insulation batts. The best way to do this is with a retractable knife.


Before cutting anything, remember to put gloves on and some eye protection.


To cut thick batts or rolls of insulation easily, use a good sturdy knife. Extend the blade all the way out to provide a long, sharp edge. This long blade will be perfect for cutting through thick insulation.

Place a thin timber board as a cutting edge over the insulation. This will compress the batt and provide a straight edge for the blade to follow. You might also consider having a sheet of plywood underneath your batt so you don’t cut into the surface below.


If your blade starts to go blunt, remember to invert the blade (and there are two spare blades that come with the knife).

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