Five Things You Need To Consider Before Installing Insulation

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We’ll keep this short. There are five things you should be considering before you install any insulation.
Ok, there are a few more things, but these are the five safety and protection considerations you should start with.

The Five

  1. Clothing: wear long sleaves and long pants so that you don’t experience any itch from handling insulation
  2. Eyes: wear clear goggles or glasses
  3. Hands: wear gloves when handling insulation. Glass insulation can have glass fibres, and a glass fibre splinter is unpleasant
  4. Equipment: have a knife for cutting, a bottle of water to keep you hydrated and a sturdy ladder to access your ceiling
  5. Power: turn off your electricty at the switchboard before you get in your roof

But wait, there’s more

Some other things to consider:

  • How big is your manhole? Can the compressed bags of insulation fit or will you need to open the bags and pass up individual batts into the roof cavity
  • Have you picked the right time of day to install? Working in a roof cavity in the middle of the day can get pretty hot. Try working at night if possible
  • It is safer to over-estimate how much you need. You can always ‘double up’ your batts in your ceiling. This is a better situation than finding out you are 3 batts short