The Three Most Common Mistakes When Buying Insulation

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Mistakes, we all make them. At DIO we have seen a lot of rookie errors in our time. Below are the top three. Get these right to give your insulation project the best chance of success.

Mistake 1 – Width Of Your Batt

Batts come in either a thin (430mm for a 450mm space between centres) or wide (580mm for a 600mm space between centres) width. This relates to the width between your wall studs or ceiling joists. For your ceiling, get on up in your manhole with a torch and measuring tape. To install in walls, the studs need to be exposed, so it is a simple matter of visually checking the width.

Mistake 2 – Thickness Of Your Wall

In your enthusiasm to get the maximum R-value batt for your wall, don’t fall into the trap of getting a batt that is too thick. A batt that is too thick will stick out beyond the stud and put pressure on your plasterboard, maybe even forcing your plasterboard to bulge between the studs. Thicker batts are designed for ceilings, not walls.

Mistake 3 – SQM You Get In A Bag

One bag of Bradford does not equal a bag of Earthwool. Earthwool use a compression technology that allows for more batts to fit inside a bag, so although DIO sell by the bag, not all bags are equal. You need to compare the SQM for each bag. In many cases one trailer load of Earthwool might be two trailer loads of Bradford. Although a bag of Earthwool may be more expensive, you do get a lot more product. Some simple maths will help you understand what is right for you.

What Next?

Now that you are aware of three most common mistakes, your insulation project is on it’s way to a professional finish.