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Should I Pick Up My Batts

You could, but you will be lucky to fit your order in a standard trailer. As much as it is easier for us to have you drop in, it is nearly always easier for you to have the batts delivered.


Where Are You Located

Our main warehouse is in Fyshwich, ACT.


What Happens If I Am Not Home When You Deliver

DIO is a website of real people. We make sure we have spoken to every customer before delivery. That ensures we deliver the right product to the address at the right time. If for whatever reason you cannot be at home at time of delivery DIO will leave goods on site with delivery considered in full and completed, without the need for a signature for proof of delivery. Delivery to all unattended sites are the responsibility of the customer.


How Do I Track My Order?

You don’t need to. We send out an email on the morning that our truck leaves the warehouse. And we’re fast! So we will be there before you have a chance to track us.


How Long Does Delivery Take

We understand that once you have made a decision to buy product, you want it ASAP. Our delivy time is 2-3 days but if you require it earlier than ring us before placing your order and we can confirm if we have a spare slot in our delivery window. We are happy to get urgent deliveries out (at no extra charge…gotta love that), but we can’t make promises.


What Are Your Charges For Delivery

Our shipping charges form part of your order. See our SHIPPING page. There are no hidden charges after you have paid and you will know up front what it will cost you. Easy peasy.